Look at all of the places that I've worn this shirt (UPDATING)

For a shirt that I don't especially like wearing, I sure have worn it in a lot of places. Wow. Personally, I think this shirt makes me look a bit skinny, and I think the bottom of it hits my waist a little higher than I generally prefer, but damn, there's no denying that it has been worn all over the place. Let us count those places, and revisit the questionable haircuts of my adult life.

Akumal Beach, Mexico

Oh hey. Check out this shirt I just got to wear while in Mexico for my brother-in-law's wedding and father-in-law's 70th birthday. (I gave them booze and a Mark Twain speech, respectively.) 

Oooh, sweet shirt, bro. That's the type of shirt that would really pop on a road trip across the Yucatan. Maybe even while renting a last-minute Airbnb in historic Merida? Perhaps because you forgot to buy the plane tickets to Cuba in the Cancun airport after running into family friends? Also, get a haircut, hippie. 

Bywater, New Orleans

This is the type of shirt that pairs well with a furrowed brow, and a shirtless husband. Maybe in the creamy, yellow foyer in the apartment above the first restaurant that you opened together? 

French Quarter, New Orleans

Don't let the statement sunglasses or World's Best Dog distract you. I'm also wearing the shirt that I wear in so many places here as well. #lokivi

ON Apartshotel, Nueva Cordoba, Argentina

This is the kind of shirt that looks good buttoned or even unbuttoned. In focus or even out of focus. This is the kind of shirt that looks good sandwiched between two (loud) young ladies, even. #thelaughingfriends

El Arrabal, Guemes, Cordoda, Argentina 

Damn. Stone cold babes. Check out those party dresses. Check out that shirt. Talk about a versatile garment of clothing! You could wear this shirt almost anywhere!

El Arrabal, Guemes, Cordoba, Argentina 

Black and white. Classic. This shirt. Classic. 

Fuerza Bruta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The great thing about this shirt is that it's such a good shirt for smooching in! The great thing about Fuerza Bruta is that Danielle Pearson had the best night of her entire life there. Enjoying the company of her dearest pals, dancing her brains out, and just feeling all-around really proud and satisfied with herself for being such a punctual human being. 

I don't know how many shirts pair well with an alpaca (Not a llama, guys), but if I were putting a list together, this shirt would be on it for certain.

Accidental mirror shot, three years, one haircut and a continent apart. Sometimes in life, your loudest wife tags in for your husband. Life happens. Things change. Flux. Change is really all you can count on. Change, and this shirt. 

Cropped out of the photo: George and Amal. Very much in the photo, this shirt. Lake Como, place of dreams. 

Fun fact: Lake Como is the Puget Sound of Europe, in that ferries will get you to all of the different little towns freckled around the body of water. Like Como itself. Nice shirt. 

Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milano, Italy

The great thing about a shirt like this is that it commands a certain amount of respect, and imbues quite a bit of confidence in the wearer (me). And I think that comes across, like say, in this shot of me hanging out with a pair of models that I seduced with my roguish charm, raw masculine energy, and well-traveled shirt back in Milano.


Have you seen me wearing this shirt? Can you prove it? Send photos to kevin@kevinfarrell.work. <3

Kevin Farrell is a Dallas-based technology, travel and business journalist, and hospitality consultant. He really ought to buy some new clothes.